About Us

GOWN was founded in 2004 by a group of graduates who were interested in providing a platform for graduate students to talk about all aspects of graduate life: academic, social, travel, politics. GOWN is the only publication at Cambridge which is written and produced by graduate students, for graduate students. Indeed, it is the only student publication that is produced by students only.

The editorial Team:



Louiza Mallouri

Design Editor

Klaudia Bartel


Nitu Duggal

Managing Editor

Michael Gladwin


Liane L. Smith


Mazoorul Abedin

Lampson Fan

Siza Mtimbiri

Hetal Kiran Patel

Joao Pereira

Mico Tatalovic

Abderahmen Zoghbi


John Lee

Krystal Chen

Website Designer

Andreas Aristidou

Website Maintenance

Robert Mika

The GOWN logo was designed by Megan Meredith-Lobay based on an original idea of Laure Dennery. Laure Dennery, a professional graphic designer, can be contacted on lauredennery@yahoo.com

Many thanks to our printers, the Cambridge Printing Park, for their efficiency and helpfulness.